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ineedhits is a pioneer in the search engine marketing industry. Founded in 1996, ineedhits has become a leading international provider of affordable search engine marketing solutions for small to medium sized businesses. The range of services offered includes:
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search advertising (Pay-per-click) management services
  • Local search engine marketing
Since inception, ineedhits has also played a significant role in the evolution of the industry with key strategic relationships with some of the internet's major search engine marketing programs including Google and Yahoo!



CEO: Warren Duff

Warren Duff has been the CEO of ineedhits since 2008. His primary goal as CEO is to continue the company's clear vision and direction to further assert itself as a leader in the global SME search marketing environment, by continually developing the people, processes and products at the heart of the business.

Warren attends the major industry conferences and seminars, ensuring that his knowledge of the industry and marketplace is up-to-date. He has been invited to speak or be a panelist at a number of industry conferences.



To add an analytics solution to our service range that fit within the budget of our customer base and offered potential to deliver a decent income stream. It needed to also provide a suitable feature set to properly quantify the results from our other search marketing services.


We've been using the Hitslink Co-branded partner program. The freemium model works well with our client base as they have a low risk entry point with a simple upgrade path to premium solutions. It also delivers our clients with an analytics solution that's easy to use and offers "real-time" insight into the results we're delivering.


Hitslink has not only helped with client retention by simplifying measurement of our other services results, but also established itself as a solid monthly income stream.