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Web Analytics
Consulting Services

Web Analytics Implementation

We consult on all major analytics products.  Your relationship with Net Applications begins with the support of an assigned Implementation Engineer. They provide an assessment of your unique business and deployment needs, define a tag strategy that will help you meet your business goals and make sure that every report you get is actionable to ensure adoption across your organization.

Once the initial implementation project is complete your Implementation Engineer will work with your organization as your web site continues to evolve.

Understanding KPI's (Key Performance Indicators) and Setting up Dashboards

Whether you are a long time or brand new customer understanding what KPI's are and how they tie directly to a specific objective your organization would like to achieve is key to getting the most out of your HitsLink investment.

Your consultant will help you understand and define the relevant KPI's for your organization and will setup KPI dashboards for the small business owner to the corporate department heads so they are boardroom ready.

Understanding and Using Segmentation

Learning how to harness the power of visitor segmentation can lead to significantly improved marketing effectiveness. Our consultants will help you understand if your web site revolves around ecommerce and retail, lead generation, advertising and media, customer support or a combination of the above. Each type of site will have different segmentation buckets that need to be measureable, identifiable, actionable, profitable, as well as manageable. Discovering the proper segmentation buckets will help you uncover hidden information that can improve marketing efforts and increase sales.


All your data is accessible via our secure, flexible web-based APIs. Learn the fundamental concepts of retrieving your data and integrating into your enterprise.

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