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Net Infrastructure
Consulting Services

Net Infrastructure Consulting

Internet Application Performance Analysis

Our consultants will help you better understand the current performance of your Internet applications, identify the key issues, and develop an improvement plan. The analysis includes understanding the performance of the following:
  • Short-term monitoring engagement
  • Deep application analysis using RIA monitoring, full-page breakdown, Yslow, etc.
  • We provide clear, actionable recommendations on how to improve Performance

Security & Reliability Services

Our professional services team can provide you with the peace of mind that your network infrastructure is operating reliably and securely, whether it is through a comprehensive security audit or monitoring a critical application. Our services include:
  • DDI Security Assessment - a security review of your existing DNS, DHCP, IPAM (DDI) infrastructure
  • DNS Cache Poisoning Assessment - a risk evaluation of the susceptibility of your online operations to the growing threat of malicious cache poisoning.
  • Application Monitoring - an extended monitoring of critical applications to ensure consistency of service across time of day or geographic location.

Integration and Migration Services

Our professional services team ensures your migration to LoadDNS’s Internet Infrastructure services is both smooth and seamless. Whether you need help migrating your existing DNS data to the LoadDNS Managed DNS Service, or you’re migrating from your current web/application performance monitoring solution to 1st Warning, our consultants have a vast experience to draw on. Our services in this area include architecture review, project management & planning, assistance with process/procedure conversion, help Desk scripting, dashboards & reports, custom configuration using APIs, analysis of existing DNS/DHCP solution, data migration and much more.

Training Services

To ensure you’re fully utilizing all the features of our managed services, our consultants can provide private training sessions – either via webinar or onsite - on a variety of topics including;
  • LoadDNS account administration and advanced UI topics

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