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Search Engine Marketing
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Search Engine Marketing

Net Applications Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Management Services

Is your ad spend too high and your results too low?  With our fully managed PPC service, we will help you to turn that around.  Our goal is to get the most value out of every PPC dollar that you spend.  Any company can drive traffic to your site.  It's driving the right type of traffic that matters, buyers of your products and services.  We are able to do this by using PPC campaigns and analytics together.  Using analytics to give a clear understanding of how your PPC campaigns are performing is as important as the campaigns themselves.  Our consultants will analyze your website, make suggestions on landing pages, choose the best PPC programs for your business and analyze the results to optimize your PPC ad spend.

Pay-Per-Click campaign management services include the following:

PPC Landing Page Consultation

Our service includes analysis of your landing pages and any recommended changes that will increase conversion rates.

Keyword Research & Selection

Every PPC client is provided with a account.  Our automated service will locate and analyze hundreds of potential search terms for your site and balance your investment between optimization and PPC.  Why pay for search terms that you can be ranked highly for?  Once you know what your best search terms are, our consultants make sure your site is optimized for search engines and your search terms.  Extensive data is gathered for each account, including:

  • Number of searches per month
  • Number of competitors - see where there is high search volume and low competition
  • Pay-per-click bid data
  • Average clicks per day
  • Your link popularity (how many sites link to a site, which is a primary factor in ranking)
  • Your competitor's link popularity
  • Search Engine Readiness Report
  • Search Term Density Report
  • and much more...

Ad / Creative Development

Creation and testing of unique custom and targeted text ads

Campaign Implementation

Submission of all keywords creative’s and bids

Account Management

Management of multiple advertising platforms

PPC Bid Management

Management of multiple platform keyword bids

Campaign Analysis and Reporting

Ongoing analysis and reporting of campaign performance

Continued Campaign Optimization

Ongoing campaign optimization to exceed company business goals

Website Analytics

Web analytics are essential for a successful SEO or PPC strategy.  Analytics is not only used for measuring the results but also for developing the marketing strategies that are put into place.  Our consultants leverage the power of HitsLink our proprietary website analytics solution or any solution of your choice to understand your visitor and conversion behavior.  If web analytics are understood and used correctly they can help eliminate roadblocks for achieving your business goals.  For more information on HitsLink please click here.

Our SEO and PPC consultants pride themselves as search engine optimization experts that concentrate on improving our client's ROI, increasing revenues through SEO, and expanding our client's marketing reach through proven and innovative solutions that are custom built and catered to fit your marketing budget needs.

For more information about our SEO service offerings here to contact us.

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