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June 1, 2008

Browser Battle Tactics Escalate

Net Applications Global Internet Usage Market Share for May 2008 shows Firefox gaining more momentum. Firefox market share for May was 18.41% up from 17.76% in April. If recent trends continue, Firefox should achieve 20% market share some time in July.

Last month, we showed the effect of Apple pushing Safari via software updates.  This month, Mozilla has implemented a change in Firefox 3.0 RC1 where the installation now has a checkbox that defaults to making Firefox your default browser.  The option is clearly displayed and labeled, unlike Safari, which misleadingly labeled the Safari install as an 'update' (since correctly changed to an 'install').  However, this practice is a break from the traditional practice browsers employed of defaulting this option to off.  Prior to this change, Firefox 3.0 was already rapidly gaining usage share, so it will be difficult to measure the effect of this change.

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- Vincent Vizzaccaro