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November 1, 2008

Can Mac Share Trends in Swing States Predict the Election?

Net Applications Operating Systems Usage Market Share shows Mac market share trends in swing states may well predict the coming election.

There is a correlation between Mac usage and party affiliation. Mac users are more likely to be democrats, as we showed in January.

 So how are the swing states trending for Mac share?  Overall, U.S. Mac share has increased 4.91% since January (which is the earliest we have state by state data).  The state by state breakdown is as follows:

State      Mac Share Change Since January
Colorado 14.93%
Florida 7.29%
Indiana -1.14%
Missouri -2.13%
North Carolina 7.99%
New Hampshire 17.59%
New Mexico 9.72%
Nevada 4.68%
Ohio 1.30%
Pennsylvania 4.09%
Virginia -15.73%

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- Vincent Vizzaccaro