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August 17, 2009

Search Engine Effectiveness

How Effective are the Search Engines?

The landscape of search is becoming more and more fluid of late:

  • Baidu is surging in China
  • Microsoft Bing will soon power Yahoo search
  • Mobile and localized results are becoming increasingly important
  • Google's stranglehold on market share is being challenged
With these forces, it is more important than ever to understand the effectiveness of search engines in delivering visitor referrals that matter. Live Analytics reports such as HitsLink provide the best measure of results - conversions. HitsLink will tell you the most effective search engines, search terms, and search terms by search engine. You'll understand how well your marketing campaigns are working, and you can also identify the failing campaigns in time to save your advertising budget.

But, sometimes a conversion is difficult to define. So, HitsLink also reports average time on site and average page depth. This 'stickiness' can also provide a measure of effectiveness of your search engine referrals and marketing campaigns.

Net Applications will soon be offering average time on site and average page depth by search engine and geolocation with our Net Market Share service, so you can gain a measure of effectiveness by region. You'll also be able to segment on browser, operating system and visitor demographics.

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- Vincent Vizzaccaro