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December 1, 2009 Case Study - Part 2

How LOBSTER.COM Has Used HITSLINK Before, During and After the Re-launch of a Trusted, Old Website

PART 2 :   Catch it While It’s Fresh!!!    LOBSTER.COM Re-launches onto the Web


The new LOBSTER.COM is now live and open for business selling lobsters, clambakes, and lobster dinner gift certificates online - just in time for the 2009 holiday season.   Launching a new site into a holiday season that started off with the hottest Cyber-Monday in history with a new shopping cart hosted on new servers is not for the faint of heart.   However, with Hitslink’s real-time reports, the team at LOBSTER.COM was able to accelerate the pre-launch testing process and watch the minute-by-minute progress as the new site went live and propagated across the internet.  

In this second part of the case study, we will look at some of the ways used HITSLINK in the launch process and how users are now interacting with the new, more extensive site.   If you missed the first part of this HITSLINK case study,  you can find it here:  LOBSTER.COM Prepares to Shed Its Old Shell

Part 2:  Catch it While It’s Fresh!!!    LOBSTER.COM Re-launches onto the Web
As everyone who has ever designed or redesigned a website knows, the weeks and days leading up to a new site launch become a real pressure cooker – or boiling lobster pot if you prefer, since we are talking about LOBSTER.COM.   The sales and marketing department goes nuts about interminable delays and the IT department pushes back vigorously explaining that it is the marketing department’s constant change requests that are pushing the launch date back.  There’s truth on both sides, of course, but at some point there comes a factor, like the CEO demanding it or the holiday shopping season starting that forces the issue.  


- Vincent Vizzaccaro