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June 19, 2006

Net Applications announces the release of

Net Applications, leaders in web based applications that measure, monitor, and optimize websites, proudly announces the release of This online service provides search term analysis for your website, helps determine effective search terms relevant to your site, shows you the average and maximum cost per click data for your selected search terms and the number of average clicks they receive. analyses this information to help you determine whether to optimize for a search term or to bid. provides a detailed analysis of your search terms and maintains the history so that further analysis can be performed over time. Optimization tools available with are Search Engine Readiness Report and Search Term Density Report.

Using Hitslink with provides a powerful internet marketing tool that provides a detailed, in depth analysis of your search terms and their performance. All of the reporting tools available in Hitslink can be found in such as Scheduled Reporting, Report Bookmarking , Data Export and much more.