Spectra by Net Applications

Introducing Spectra the latest advancement from Net Applications. We continue our mission to safeguard advertisers and their inventory from fraudulent sites, non-human users and impressions in a real-time environment.

laptop security

Components that make up Forensic Intelligence.

Ad Viewability

Impressions viewed by placement, industry benchmarks, time spent and by placement.

Brand Safety

Proper environments for your brand with real-time exposure controls.

Fraud Protection

From bot fraud, non-human, hidden ads, impression laundering, and more.

Ad Prominence

Preventing multiple ads, and ensuring competitive separation.


Pre-Bid allows the advertiser to bid/or not bid the correct amount for the audience. Doing this in real-time protects the advertiser budget and provides the best user for the advertiser.

Impression Delivery

Served on the right device (desktop, mobile, tablet) and with transparency into publisher buys.

Want to know more?

With advertisers making a major push towards programmatic buying, opportunities for fraud have increased exponentially. At NetApplications we take fraud seriously and understand how it has evolved to become part of online advertising.

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